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Weaned Piglets

Weaned Piglets


For those who want to raise their own.

Our piglets are a Duroc / Hampshire cross.

  A pure Duroc is a red hog (the color can range from a light yellow/red to a deep mahogany) with floppy ears that are known for their hardiness, muscling, and fast growth.

  Hampshire hogs have upright ears and are black with a distinctive white belt around their middle including their front legs. Hampshire hogs are known for their mothering ability and longevity. They also produce lean, tender, flavorful meat.

 When the two breeds are crossed as ours are, all of the piglets are black with some white (sometimes belted), but their ears are floppy. These hybrid piglets grow faster, are thicker, and combine the Duroc marbling with the Hampshire tenderness and flavor. Our piglets produce a good meat-type hog, with a long, lean body with large hips and shoulders. Within the first two weeks after birth we castrate the male piglets and tag all the piglets ear. We wean our piglets at 8 weeks old and are available at that time for pickup.

 We only sell a portion of each litter as weaned piglets and will take orders soon after their birth. We require a $50.00 deposit for each piglet ordered with the $25.00 balance at delivery.

 Pick Up

Our weaned piglets can be picked up at our farm, or we can deliver within 30 miles of Naselle Washington. Please include your preference on the notes section when ordering.

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