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Organic / Corn and Soy Free - Pasture Raised Whole Fryers

Organic / Corn and Soy Free - Pasture Raised Whole Fryers


We raise Jumbo Cornish Rock crossbreeds. This crossbreed chicken produces fryers with broad breasts and big thighs. We raise our chickens from day old chicks, and they are free to roam on their pasture. We do not crowd them or cage them, and they are fed only organic, corn and soy free feed, abundant fresh, clean water and are steroid and antibiotic free. 

Our fryers are professionally and humanely processed and provided to you as fresh, unfrozen whole fryers. 

For 2020 we plan to grow 3 batches of 50 birds

Brood 1  - Hatched 6 May and will be ready around 1 July SOLD OUT
Brood 2  - Hatched 6 June and will be ready around 11 August SOLD OUT
Brood 3  - Hatched 13 July and will be ready around 9 September SOLD OUT


If we have enough pre-orders for a 4th brood by 1 July, we will grow a fourth. Those dates will be:

Brood 4  - Hatched 10 August and will be ready around 7 October

Our Process

We charge $3.67 per pound, based on weight after processing. We ask for a $5.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit per bird at the time of ordering, with the balance upon delivery. Our typical packaged weight is approximately 5-6 pounds.

We raise our birds from day old baby chicks and they are harvested at approximately 8 weeks.

Pick Up

Your fresh fryers can be picked up at our farm, or we can deliver a minimum order of 5 fryers within 30 miles of Naselle Washington. Please include your preference in the comments section when ordering.

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