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Organic Pasture Raised Turkeys

Organic Pasture Raised Turkeys


This year we will be offering Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys. The feathers of the Broad-Breasted Bronze are dark with a metallic sheen and a whitish edging on the tail feathers, a coloration very similar to wild turkeys. Broad-Breasted Bronze Turkeys are the picture of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey bird.

The Broad Breasted Bronze will produce a delicious turkey that weighs 25 to 35 lbs and will be ready before Thanksgiving.

Treat your family to something special this holiday season. We raise our organic turkeys from day-old poults, and they are free to roam on their own pasture after brooding. We do not crowd them or cage them, and they are free fed feed, abundant fresh, clean water and are steroid and antibiotic free. In November we transport them to a professional processing plant where they are humanely processed and chilled, and on the same day, they are available to our customers.

We charge $3.67 lb (processed weight), with a $20.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. 

For 2021 we will raise a brood of 20 birds and once we receive our confirmed processing appointment we will notify you and coordinate for a delivery location. We will delivering them that same afternoon after processing.

This year, our turkeys will be processed on 23 NOV 2021.


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